Our education tools are built to guide your learning through interaction and manipulation of the anatomical models through multiple platforms including web-based, standalone and mobile application platforms. We use innovative technologies such augmented reality that model complete, in-depth renditions of the human body.

Anatomy Labs allows you to take your dissection home or to the library and study the human body in a fun and interactive manner. Moreover, Anatomy Labs dissection is optimized for computers and tablets equipped with touch screen technology. Test your skill by completing quizzes and increase your knowledge by reviewing the anatomy of the head and neck using anatomically correct, digitally-mastered 3D models.
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The Visual Guide to the Anatomy of the Skull is a small yet powerful guide to the basic principles of the anatomy of the skull. Although this book has been designed for the first and second year medical students, the unique visualisations and perspectives are also useful to medical professionals, residents, and anyone who finds this nature’s miracle called the skull admirable. All the included visualisations are based on real, high-definition radiological data which have then been processed by talented 3D artists under the supervision of medical professionals. The use of 3D technologies has enabled us to visualize the skull from a multitude of new perspectives that before were not possible.