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@ John Kennedy 01.09.2018
20 rocking start-ups from Riga to watch in 2018

Anatomy Next offers a 3D human atlas that boosts learning among medical students and boasts augmented reality (AR) capabilities.  Read more: https://www.siliconrepublic.com/start-ups/riga-latvia-startups-2018

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@ http://www.cofmag.com/latvia-anatomy-next/ 01.03.2018
Anatomy Next: The 3D Human Atlas

Anatomy Next changes anatomy classes for medical students. The team has completed a digital atlas of the human head and neck, along with detailed 2D maps and interactive 3D visuals of the cranial nerves. They plan to have the whole male body completed by spring 2018. The team expects their 3D ...

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@ https://150sec.com/healthcare-augmented-reality/ 12.19.2017
Anatomy Next: Tackling Healthcare Errors with Augmented Reality

With medical errors having become the third leading cause of death in the US, a team of Eastern Europeans has put together an AR program to help train fledgling doctors.   The program has been pithily described as a “digital atlas of the human head and neck” and will ...

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@ https://www.telia.lv/en/young-latvian-startup-anatomy-next-receives-the-annual-swedish-business-awards-2017-telia-latvija-technological-innovation-of-the-year-award/ 12.19.2017
Latvian Startup ANATOMY NEXT Receives the Annual Swedish Business Awards 2017

On 2 November this year for the ninth year in a row the Swedish Business Awards 2017 ceremony organised by the Swedish Embassy and Swedish Trade and Investment Council took place at Spikeri Concert Hall. The Technological Innovation of the Year Award presented this year in co-operation with ...

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@ http://www.labsoflatvia.com/News/Scientists-Call-This-Ar-The-Best-They-Ve-Ever-Seen 12.19.2017
Scientists Call This AR app "The Best They've Ever Seen"

As I walk into the Anatomy Next office I'm greeted by what must have been the “true startup scene” decades ago - no ping-pong tables, inspirational quotes and beer on tap - just a lot of talented young people crammed into a room at mismatched desks, churning out great ...

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@ Ieva Grinberga 09.01.2017
Anatomy Next pilot at the University of Washington School of Dentistry

Anatomy Next is 3D medical simulation software start-up at the University of Washington, CoMotion Labs, Seattle, WA. The company creates educational tools built to guide student learning through interactive 3D anatomical models across multiple platforms. Anatomy Next’s team is hoping to ...

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