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Rey Bustos artistic anatomist and educator

"Anatomy For Sculptors for me is the best anatomy book that has come around in a while. As an educator specializing in anatomy for artists I can honestly say that it is now on my very short list of best anatomy books anywhere. I must add though that the title should be "Anatomy for ANY artist". This is a must have for all artists."

Louis Henry Mitchell

"I am the Creative director of Character Design for Sesame Street. I am also a teacher of art and I wanted to express my gratitude and amazement at your accomplishment with your book "Anatomy For Sculptors". Any student of anatomy would benefit from that brilliant work!! I am a sculptor but I primarily draw and your book is second only to "Artistic Anatomy""
- Dr. Paul Richer.

Ben Knap, Lead character artist at Hi-Rez Studios.

"The last book has been AMAZING and has really helped me with furthering my understanding of anatomy. I am very excited for the new book and interested in the augmented reality model and how that will look. The only feedback I can say is PLEASE KEEP THESE COMING! The books you are getting out there allow for an expidited understanding of anatomy and forms. I have been making character art for 10 years professionally and have multiple reference statues from areas like, yet in that time I learned 1/3 from the ref statues than from your book, and in a muuuuch shorty time."

Aaron Costic, Ice Sculptor, Four times National Champion

"GREAT BOOK!! I’ve been practicing a human for competition & it is really helping!!"

Alan Friend, Scottish painter

" is a resource every artist should know about. Their latest Kickstarter campaign, Head and Neck Anatomy, combines 21st century technical wizardry, deep anatomical knowledge, and major artistic talent. Put simply, it may well create the most advanced and comprehensive body of artistic and anatomical knowledge on the human head and neck ever assembled."