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Evidence based 3D anatomy
Derived from medical imaging (CT/MRI) and surface scans
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  • “Anatomy Next have the potential to transform the medical student experience. By combining research into medical ontology and intelligent learning systems with high-resolution, true-spatial representations of human anatomy, they are creating resources and annotated interactive tools that will replace rote memorization with an active learning experience that can be repeated, reviewed, and shared in ways impossible with traditional dissection labs.”
    Trond Nilsen
    PhD of the University of Washington.
  • “Correctly conveying anatomical information is of central importance to so many areas of our lives. Whether information is being delivered to academic peers, medical trainees, undergraduate or high school students, or to the public (by way of medical information or art), clarity is essential for a full understanding and/or an appreciation of function and impact. From elegant pencil sketches to simplified computer-aided schematics, anatomical illustration has long had its challenges in appropriately capturing the inherently complex, multidimensional anatomy of human (or animal) form.”
    Professor Timothy Cox
    Laurel Endowed Chair of Pediatric Craniofacial Research, Department of Pediatrics (Division of Craniofacial Medicine), University of Washington Seattle, Washington
  • “I have used, and found great success, with Anatomy Next for the study of Head & Neck anatomy. I believe this is another powerful leap forward in learning technology for students. Theprogram can easily facilitate remote education of anatomy as well as serve as a great reference resource to practicing clinicians. It has been a powerful study tool for the learning of material at an accelerated pace as is expected in today dense professional school curriculum.
    James Lovelace
    a first-year dental student at University of Washington School of Dentistry
  • “Beautiful innovative work by Anatomy Next using 3-D and technology enhances the learning understanding and appreciation of complex human anatomy"
    Viesturs Petersons
    MD, Fellow American College of Surgeons, Fellow American Association of Neurological Surgeons
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